Renting an Apartment in Dubai

Once you land in Dubai, a host of accommodation options will greet you. You can pay hefty room rentals in one of the luxury hotels in Dubai. Maybe, if you wish to save some hard-earned money, you can spend the rest of the days in one of the cheap hotels in Dubai. However, if you wish to stay in this city for extended periods, you must begin your hunt for the right apartment in Dubai. Are there any special considerations that one must bear in mind while searching for apartments? Please note the following aspects.

Dubai happens to be one of the breeding places for some of the dodgiest real estate agents and property owners. They prey on unsuspecting foreigners, and if you are wise, you can keep yourself safe from their swindles. For instance, always insist on seeing real documents instead of trusting someone's words. It has become a common practice to cheat tourists and visitors by proclaiming false information. The one who is interested in leasing the apartment must be available to clarify your queries. If viable, always ask for the keys to the apartment so that you can take a look at it.

Your best bet would be to remain in touch with an established and authorized real estate agent. It is pointless to specify that many real estate agents operate in this city, as you will come across their offices during casual strolls! Furnished and unfurnished apartments are available for rent in Dubai. The apartment must contain all the appliances and furniture agreed upon on the lease pact. It is customary in Dubai to hand over the apartment in top-notch condition to the tourists. Ensure that the property owner executes the painting and repair works to your satisfaction.

I would advise you to spend some time reading the contract. Various hidden conditions and clauses might be included into it, and you will never come to know of it. Property owners fix the prices of the apartments on a yearly basis. Lately, real estate agents and companies in Dubai began to embrace the paradigm of the short-term lease. If you are able to find one such apartment, thank your stars! The authority will ask you to make an advance payment as the security deposit for the apartment. At times, the agency or the proprietor might charge additional amounts to cover the legal proceedings.

There are no rules that bind you to a particular apartment, unless the property owner creates a legal bond. Very often, you will be able to negotiate the prices with the relevant entities. On account of the recent economic meltdown in Dubai, the average prices of apartments dropped drastically. Hence, it is only a matter of time before you will be able to fix the deal at a feasible price. There are plenty of apartments available for rental in Dubai, make use of the internet to find some of them. Opt for an apartment located nearby to points of interest.